Nova Initia = New Beginning

I love the mornings. Redemption rings a fresh start.  A whole new day awaits us.

New Beginnings.  Hope.  A do-over.  Who doesn’t crave that?  Live long enough and Hope becomes foundational to even getting out of bed each morning.

I write as personal therapy.  Writing has always brought me a focused peace and served as an expressive outlet to communicate myself in ways the spoken word often fails me.  A few of you have been with me and my writings for years. Some 2 years ago I took down my online site.  I was headed into the worst storm of my life.  The past few years have been my personal hell.  Oh I still wrote, but I resisted the temptation to click the publish button, instead saving each writing in a personal file.  I decided to take my daily writings off-line until the time I felt it was appropriate to publish once again. Though the storm still rages,

It’s time.

What will follow will be a somewhat regular personal diary posted here at Nova Initia (Latin for New Beginnings). Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with those I love (and given my quirky sense of humor an outlet).   That must continue. But here at Nova Initia my heart is to communicate authenticity….to write in such a way that my heart longs for – to be real…to be honest to whom God created me to be…unencumbered by the layers upon layers of religious, man-made idioms, expectations and CRAP.

OK, so….ready?

My name is Roy and I am tired of being a Christian.

Enough for today.  This story continues tomorrow…

Nova Initia = New Beginning

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