I Need to Hear from God….like NOW!!!!

Someone very close to me called.imgres-1

It was around lunch time.  I had just finished a Chicken Pita from my favorite hole-in-the-wall lunch stop when my cell phone vibrated against my right hip.  My texting device could receive phone calls????  Weird.

“Hey, you got a minute?”

There are a few people in all of our lives that we would literally drop everything in their need time of need – he is one of mine.

“I need to hear from God now. I’m asking Him. I’m listening. But I just can’t tell what He is saying”.

His need was HUGE and immediate – literally 6 hours was all he had to make a decision that would affect the rest of his life.

After receiving the detailed download, I asked for 2 of those precious 6 hours to pray and process.

There is something that energizes my soul when I am forced to bring an urgent cry to my God, desperately needing Him and His guidance. Given too much time, my pragmatic tendency is to work through and derive an action plan. But given a complex issue and just 120 minutes drove me to my knees.

I asked, and God once again fulfilled His obligation to answer. The answer was clear. Why do I still sometimes doubt this prayer thing? I took the full 2 hours before hitting redial.

He answered with expectation….

I shared what I trust was Divine intervention. He thanked me – we exchanged our love for one another. The day continued.

The take away?

Who will you call when you need someone to stand with you in prayer?

Who will call you in their time of need and what are you doing to foster that trust and relationship?

Are you hearing Him when He speaks to you? If not, ask Him to help…He’s your Daddy.

I Need to Hear from God….like NOW!!!!