The Art of Grace….

It doesn’t come naturally….imgres-1

…at least for many of us.

Yet we crave it for ourselves.  We desire others to show it to us in our time of need, so why do we hoard it when it comes our time to dispense.  Somebody in your life right now needs it more than you could ever fathom.  And God may have chosen you to be the deliverer.

How did you fall in love with grace?  Who taught you?  Who showed you grace personified?

Mohan Karulkar wrote that “Many of us draw our notions of grace, forgiveness, and second chances from God, family, friends, and role models.  But are we passing those notions on to anyone else?  We need to make sure that we don’t turn grace into some abstract thing we celebrate — like a birthday.  We need to be teaching grace to others, and modelling it consistently in everything we do.  We need  to be practicing concrete acts of grace, and bringing others along with us.”

Let’s try this:

  1. Think of one young person in your life that you influence.
  2. Think of one way that you can model grace in front of them.
  3. Do that thing.  Be a teacher in the art of grace.

Grace – generous, free, totally unexpected and undeserved.  You need it.  I need it.  And someone within your circle of influence is waiting for you to show them grace….


The Art of Grace….