Write/Right Time?

How soon is too soon?

Writing is my passion.  I have no big dreams that this will one day lead to anything other than what its always been for me – my catharsis.  Some are born to CREATE, others to DO, some to BE, but those of us who have a passion to write, have no other choice.

But what does one do when he has gone through the most heart breaking, somewhat public, traumatic event of his life?  Write too soon and surely the perception will be that of insensitivity.  Give up writing? Or wait ’till the “right time”? Certainly this dilemma has some validity, but the time has come to do what I sense the Holy Spirit is prompting me to do – write…openly, honestly, and humbly.

Divorce isn’t just a single-facetted event but rather one that unfolds and transitions through various phases. While one never completely heals from divorce, each day that passes brings fresh aid.   A divorce does not define who I am, but who I am will never be void of a failed 21 year marriage.  So when I write about my divorce, I do so for three reasons:

  1. To give those of you in a marriage or those hoping to one day be married, a peek behind the heart-broken curtain of a child of God who is living the realities of a broken marriage.  My heart and hope is that your marriage will be healthy, abundant, and all that God wants it to be.  If I can reveal my fatal pitfalls, perhaps you can avoid them.
  2. And to those going through the process of divorce, I will write to tell you that the King of Kings loves you.  There is a tomorrow.
  3. And lastly, writing brings me healing.

For those wondering, I do not profess to be healed of this pain.  Nor do I claim to be an expert on divorce (who would EVER hope to be?).  All that I know is that I’m a repentant believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has forgiven me of my sin of divorce.  My ex wife has forgiven me for not being the husband that God called me to be. And I am working on forgiving myself.

Perhaps there is no truer statement than this: “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”

It is from this perspective and my story above that I restart the discipline of writing. It is a new beginning.

…Soli Deo Gloria

Write/Right Time?

Nova Initia = New Beginning

I love the mornings. Redemption rings a fresh start.  A whole new day awaits us.

New Beginnings.  Hope.  A do-over.  Who doesn’t crave that?  Live long enough and Hope becomes foundational to even getting out of bed each morning.

I write as personal therapy.  Writing has always brought me a focused peace and served as an expressive outlet to communicate myself in ways the spoken word often fails me.  A few of you have been with me and my writings for years. Some 2 years ago I took down my online site.  I was headed into the worst storm of my life.  The past few years have been my personal hell.  Oh I still wrote, but I resisted the temptation to click the publish button, instead saving each writing in a personal file.  I decided to take my daily writings off-line until the time I felt it was appropriate to publish once again. Though the storm still rages,

It’s time.

What will follow will be a somewhat regular personal diary posted here at Nova Initia (Latin for New Beginnings). Facebook has allowed me to stay connected with those I love (and given my quirky sense of humor an outlet).   That must continue. But here at Nova Initia my heart is to communicate authenticity….to write in such a way that my heart longs for – to be real…to be honest to whom God created me to be…unencumbered by the layers upon layers of religious, man-made idioms, expectations and CRAP.

OK, so….ready?

My name is Roy and I am tired of being a Christian.

Enough for today.  This story continues tomorrow…

Nova Initia = New Beginning