How May I Please You…

A fundamental shift has occurred in customer service over the past 20 years – one that parallels a personal struggle of mine.  This is now a fundamental truth:

“We can’t please everyone, in fact, we’re not even going to try.”

Or perhaps:

Pleasing everyone with our work is impossible. It wastes the time of our best customers and annoys those around us.

Seth Godin recently wrote “The math here is simple. As soon as you work hard to please everyone, you have no choice but to sand off the edges, pleasing some people less in order to please others a bit more. And it drives you crazy at the same time.”

Are you a people pleaser, trying desperately to please everyone?  I struggle with this endeavor. Failure is certain.

I can not please you, and you, AND you.  It’s impossibly exhausting.  At the core of my desire to please everyone is a heart ache to be liked.  But the end result is that no one is really pleased, and I am reduced to someone other than the person whom Christ created me to be.  Decades will pass and you too will wake up one day unable to recognize the person you’ve become.


Being a people pleaser is senseless.

Love God…love others.  And in doing both, be the unique being you were created to be.  We need YOU.  Your popularity amongst us is irrelevant.  Your faithfulness to become the person God created you to be is eternally significant to the role you are designed to play in the amazing story.

Oh, we all have an audience….an audience of one.

How May I Please You…