My buddy Charlie had his first book published this year.

He told me the MOST terrifying aspect of the whole process was gathering endorsements, you know, the ones from somewhat famous people that adorn the book cover?  Being ever so helpful, I sent him the following pre-packaged, partially fictional yet ready for print endorsements, and encouraged him to use them liberally:

  • “Nice try! Really… nice!” (Dr. Heinrich Borfmann, Bogotron Seminary)
  • “Moments of true semi-adequacy!” (Edie Contralto, Cupboard-Keepers Ministries)
  • “We had such hopes for little Don. And now, this. Oh dear. Well, at least he’s not in prison.  …He’s not, is he?” (Verna Fleebner, Ferncrest Elementary School [retired])
  • “Ambitious, but… well, ambitious!” (Pastor Eulie Lapidary, Church of Holy Perpetuity)
  • “This one part was terrific!” (Bob Fernbern, mechanic)

He chose none of the above. But his struggle did cause me to wonder – if I needed a LIFE endorsement, who would I call first? What might they say? Am I investing in the lives of others, to the point where I’m making a significant difference?

Thanks Charlie for the reminder.

If you find yourself needing a book endorsement, I did hold one back from my buddy.  Here ya go:

“Brings to mind the greats. Longingly. By way of contrast.” (Varf Konkelman, talk show host)