I’m Tired of Being a Christian…

“I get ya, SHOCK VALUE, right?”  asked a friend whom I shared this with this morning. Nope.

Before you send the church Tribunal after me, please allow me to unpack this thought.  I love Jesus Christ with all of my heart. He is my Savior whom  I have lived for and will continue to magnify the rest of my life.


I’m tired of being a Christian.

Inspiration comes from others walking our same path.  Often times they will say or write something that ignites our soul. We often have a thought or idea bouncing around in our heads that has for so long never taken shape.  Never could we formulate the thought into coherent words.  It’s there.  But without definition we keep in buried in our (sub)conscious.

But then a spark happens.  BAM!  That spark gives life and then we better buckle in….

Thank you Mandy Steward and the follow-up post by Justin Wise for writing what my soul has been unable to articulate.

I too am tired of being a Christian.

Others have formed and shaped FOR me what it means to be a Christian.  Oh, it’s not that they had bad intentions.  Many of their axioms are Biblically based.  But just as many are man’s attempt to define God through their own lens (I could go on and on about doctrines and denominations here, but I’ll spare you). When Mandy wrote about the staleness and dryness that comes with attempting to live the Christian life through what others think, I jumped.  Yes!!!!!  For those 40 plus’ers, cue Petra’s God Pleaser

She wrote: I’m tired of being a Christian if being a Christian means I have to preface any and all of my actions with an explanation. I am drinking, but I am not getting drunk. I am cussing, but I am doing it in a whisper and I’m only quoting something I heard from someone else. I am not going to church but I’m not alienating myself from the body of Christ. I am writing in the mornings, but it doesn’t mean I’m not getting my prayer time and Bible time in with God at some other point in my day. I’m so tired of explanations, many of which I don’t even believe in.

Justin chimed in with this: “Can you hear what she’s saying? She’s sharing about how tiring it is to make our walk with Jesus about something more than our walk with Jesus. When we make it about not drinking or no cussing or being at a certain building on a certain day of the week, we lose. The Gospel loses. It never has been and never will be about those things.”

Mandy wrote: “I’m tired of being a Christian if that means I have to apologize for being me.”  Being a follower of Jesus means that as we walk closer with him, the more we become who God has created us to be. Authenticity becomes our hallmark; our calling card.  Our destiny.”

Tomorrow, we get specific.  Why I am so tired of being a Christian…..

I’m Tired of Being a Christian…