My Google Reader delivers to my desktop (streaming in realtime) my top 10 must read blogs of the day.  They ranged from the silly to the sobering.

Thinking people inspire me.  The topic of their thought is not as important to me as their thought process and plot development necessary to communicate their point. Seth Godin posted a blog entitled “It’s Unreasonable” where he bullet pointed unreasonable expectations being met everyday by a very few unreasonable people, who are moving the unmovable.

A few of Seth’s:

It’s unreasonable to get out of bed on a snow day, when school has been cancelled, and turn the downtime into six hours of work on an extra credit physics lab.

It’s unreasonable to start a new company without the reassurance venture money can bring.

It’s unreasonable to expect a doctor’s office to have a pleasant and helpful front desk staff.

It’s unreasonable to walk away from a good gig in today’s economy, even if you want to do something brave and original.

It’s unreasonable for teachers to expect that we can enable disadvantaged inner city kids to do well in high school.

Fortunately, the world is filled with unreasonable successful people.

A few of mine:

It’s unreasonable to love somebody who’s unloveable, the way Christ loves them.

It’s unreasonable to let go of deserved anger and resentment and choose to forgive and be forgiven.

It’s unreasonable to choose joy over regret or fear.

It’s unreasonable to think the disqualified could ever be requalified.

It’s unreasonable to believe that if others really knew the real you, that they would still love you.

Fortunately as Christ followers, the unreasonable was cross-conquered.  I choose today to live counter to reason and true to that still small guiding voice that’s in you…and in me.