Of Tacos, Visions, and Quite Possibly the Best Valentines Gift Ever…

imgresI love a well crafted question.

It’s an art, really.  A deftly constructed question leaves you no out.  It holds your hand as it takes you to the heart of the issue…sits you down face to face with it, and then fades quietly into the background. Just you and the issue, alone. Awkward.  No out.  No escape.

Kinda like the one my wise dad asked me over Taco Tuesday this week.

There I was, happy to be hangin’ with my dad, chompin’ on some chips and salsa and trying to keep the crunchy taco out of my lap when he asked:

“What is your vision….for your marriage?” (cue screeching halt noise;  taco crumbling into my lap).

Vision for my marriage?  I just GOT married!  I’m still kinda on my Honeymoon….kinda!?!?!?

He crafted the question in such a way that left me no out – no attempt at humor – no diversionary tactic was left at my disposal.

I’m a business man – I have a business vision.  I’m a coach – I have a team vision.  But a marriage vision?

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

We both have a failed marriage to prove that proverb true.

If we don’t have a vision for our marriages, the likelihood of failure increases with each passing year.  If you are married, do you have a vision for yours?  What are the dreams and hopes for your marriage?  And what are you doing today to work towards fulfilling them.  We should NEVER stop dreaming and hoping!  And please dont tell me that your vision is just to never divorce….to make it your 50th anniversary so that you can brag to your friends and celebrate this sometimes empty milestone.  God intended marriage to be so much more than that.

Today I am crafting my vision for my marriage, and I can’t wait to share it with Laura and to hear what her vision is too.  And then together working to make our marriage the best it can be.

Maybe, just maybe, this kind of gift will be eternally more significant than any card and box of chocolates I could buy Laura for Valentines Day….

What is your vision for your marriage?

Of Tacos, Visions, and Quite Possibly the Best Valentines Gift Ever…